SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2010: Motor Feedback Systems with Inductive Scanning

HEIDENHAIN has developed a new absolute rotary encoder, the ECI 119 in singleturn resolution, for applications in direct drive technology and for mounting on hollow-shaft motors that up to now have been equipped, for example, with toothed-belt solutions for driving the feedback systems. Particularly with its dimensions—an overall height of max. 19 mm and a housing diameter of 92 mm with at present a passage diameter of 30 mm to 50 mm in its hollow shaft—and with the operating temperature range of –20 °C to 115 °C, this encoder is well positioned for use in modern machine designs. Besides its special technical characteristics, the ECI 119 also features significant functional reserves with regard to the influence of contamination, shock and vibration.

The high internal 14-bit interpolation of the inductively produced scanning signals generates a 19-bit absolute value (equals 524288 positions) in one revolution. The position value is output over the EnDat interface with a clock frequency of 2 MHz. Besides the purely serial position value in dual code, an optional additional signal—a sinus signal of 1 Vpp with 32 signal periods—can be transmitted over an output cable. In both cases, the cable is pluggable.

With its EBI 1135, HEIDENHAIN is presenting another new product with inductive scanning and EnDat interface. The absolute multiturn encoder attains a total resolution of 35 bits (singleturn: 19 bits, multiturn: 16 bits). The modular design without ball bearing and a battery-buffered revolution counter permit very compact dimensions. With an overall length of less than 13 mm and an outside diameter of only 35 mm, the rotary encoder is one of the world’s smallest rotary encoders and is therefore predestined for application on highly dynamic servo motors with small dimensions.

HEIDENHAIN at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Hall 7, Booth 270