Tool measurement

Tool measurement on the machine shortens non-productive times, increases machining accuracy and reduces scrapping and reworking of machined parts. With the tactile TT touch probes you can measure your tools efficiently and reliably.

TT touch probes

ModelTT 160TT 460
Probing methodPhysical probing
Probing directions3-dimensional: ±X, ±Y, +Z
Probing forcesAxial: 8 N, radial 1 N
Tool materialsBreakage-prone teeth are at risk
Sensitivity to
unclean tools
Very small
Possible measuring cyclesLength, radius, breakage, individual teeth
Installation effortSimple connection to NC control
Signal transmissionCableRadio/infrared to SE 660; infrared to SE 642
Repeatability2 σ ≤ 1 µm
Min. tool diameter3 mm 1)

Measuring the tool radius

By probing the rotating tool, the touch probe finds the maximum tool radius. Then the tool orients itself to the longest tooth. The exact radius is measured by repeatedly probing the longest tooth to "close in" on the highest value

Individual tooth measurement is possible only with your HEIDENHAIN control.