Connected Machining: intelligently networked in digital production

A uniformly digital networked production environment, from the design office all the way to the shipping department, is a decisive factor in order to optimally take advantage of the potential that exists within a company:

  • Increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Optimization of quality, delivery reliability, and time management

This applies to companies of any size—from job shops to system suppliers, as well as from small family-owned shops to internationally active medium-sized enterprises up to international corporations.

Digitalization without obstacles

Whereas large corporations can take advantage of complicated solutions in order to digitalize their processes, small and medium-sized companies need to look for practical offers that can network their process chains. Their core demands are:

  • Low costs
  • Retain control of data and know-how
  • Simple connection of systems that are already in use and often differ greatly from each other

With Connected Machining, HEIDENHAIN offers a solution for the uniformly digital flow of information within a company while taking the exact demands and desires of the company into consideration.

Connected Machining

... turns the shop floor into the focal point of the company network through the HEIDENHAIN control on the machine tool.

... is independent of any existing or future IT systems.

... lets every company retain control of its data. Each user defines the connections and storage locations himself, without any obligation to use the cloud.

... can also be implemented very easily by manufacturers of lathes, milling machines, and milling-turning machines and offered as a flexible network solution.

The four pillars of Connected Machining

Video of Connected Machining

Milling in a digitally networked production environment

Turning in a digitally networked production environment