Programming Stations for HEIDENHAIN Controls
Programming and Training on a PC

Why a programming station?
Everyone knows that you can quite easily write a part program with the control at the machine, even while it’s machining another part. Nevertheless, it can often happen that short reloading times and other machining tasks hinder any prolonged or concentrated programming work. With the HEIDENHAIN programming station you have the capability to program just as you do at the machine, but away from the noise and distractions of the shop floor.

Creating programs
Programming, testing and optimizing smarT.NC (only with iTNC 530), HEIDENHAIN conversational or DIN/ISO programs with a programming station substantially reduces machine idle times. You need not adjust your way of thinking—every keystroke fits. On the programming station you program on the same keyboard unit as at the machine.

Testing of programs created offline
Of course you can also test programs that were written on a CAD/CAM system. The high-resolution program verification graphics help you even with complex 3-D programs to easily spot contour damage and hidden details.

Training with the  programming station
Since the programming stations are based on the same software as the controls, they are ideally suited for apprentice and advanced training. Programming and program testing function in exactly the same way as they do on the machine. This gives the trainee the experience needed to enable him to safely operate the machine later. And because the HEIDENHAIN controls can be programmed with smarT.NC (only with iTNC 530), in HEIDENHAIN conversational format and in DIN/ISO, the programming stations can also be used in schools for programming training.

What can the programming station do?
The programming modes offer the same features as the control on the machine, meaning that you create programs

  • with smarT.NC (only iTNC 530), in HEIDENHAIN conversational format or according to ISO,
  • with graphic support for programming and test run,
  • with all field-proven TNC functions, such as FK free contour programming.

With the programming station you are working with the original control software. This ensures compatibility: Part programs created with the programming station run on any machine tool equipped with the appropriate control. A requirement for this to work is that the programming station software must have been adapted to the machine.

One special benefit:
the complete array of software options and FCL functions (of the iTNC 530) available for the respective control are fully enabled on the TNC programming stations at no charge. This enables users of the licensed versions and the free demo version to amply test all functions and then decide whether an upgrade on the machine is worthwhile.