Technical Information

    Dynamic Efficiency – Working Efficiently and with Process Reliability

    Considerable potential lies in the efficient heavy machining—roughing at high cutting speed—but also in the machining of hard-to-cut materials like titanium alloys, nickel-based materials or stainless steel, which are standard materials in the aviation and aerospace industry. Heavy machining is primarily about removing as much material as possible in the shortest time. This is where many components of the machining process are pushed to their limits. So for this type of high-performance cutting, comprehensive process management is an indispensable prerequisite for quality and economy. The forces that result from the cutting process place an extreme load on the machine and tool. The goal must therefore be to optimize metal removal rates, maximize tool service life and minimize the machine load.

    With the concept of Dynamic Efficiency, HEIDENHAIN offers innovative TNC functions that help the user to increase process reliability in heavy machining and roughing in order to improve efficiency. 

    Dynamic Efficiency comprises these three TNC functions:

    • ACC (Active Chatter Control) – This option reduces chatter tendencies and permits greater infeeds
    • AFC (Adaptive Feed Control) – This option controls the feed rate depending on the machining situation
    • Trochoidal milling: Cycle for the roughing of slots and pockets in a way that eases the load on the tool and the machine